Android vs. iOS Operating System for App Development

A lot of business owners from various Firms such as Finance & Banking, Healthcare, Fashion & Lifestyle, Games & Sports, Social Networking, Tours & travel, Entertainment and more are now connect the power of brand-new features of both the Mobile Operating Systems.

There is a non-stop advancement trendy in Android as well as iOS programming versions with the launch of iOS 9.3.5 and Android 7.1 Nougat.


Some Features of iOS from Android:

Notification and User Interface:

If observed iOS as well as Android, both are opposite. You can say Apple’s OS carries more refined, beautiful, whereas Google brings more of usefulness. The accuracy of iOS 9 overtakes iOS 8, and this, was the period when Apple toward its Mobile Operating System into the current era. On the other hand, Google’s chromatic and bold design brought in with Android 7.0, wants to unite the visual and graphical skill of all the apps and be a useful guide for you on the side by side.

Designing UX/UI:

This aspect is totally based on individual requirement and usability. Android has the potential to support you in designing responsive layouts just by writing text in Android. Though, iOS makes design, UI using the graphical tool you can place elements relative to each other.

Furthermore, the UI and UX agreements can differ intensely when the mobile app development for the iPhone or for Android. Platforms are not the same in relations of hardware, users’ expectations, and software.


The two of the Operating systems are fluent in nature. iOS applications are written in Objective- C at the same time Android apps are written in Java.

Applications and Environment:

Android and iOS both have equally powerful native apps to make you busy and active irrespective of the fact that Google’s are all accessible on iOS.

Another application hangout of Google has an ultimate messaging service that can be operated everywhere; still, iOS’s iMessage, as well as Face Time, are more advanced. Actually, Android and iOS are in a battle as Google is meant to be advanced in the email with Gmail, but Apple Mail is no less in innovation.

Durability, Security, Functioning:

The success factor for iOS is its Touch ID which offers an extremely improved skill of unlocking of the phone to surfing over apps. Presently, Samsung is the sole manufacturer to have presented the fingerprint sensing technology to Android devices on a constant basis.

Another important point of discussion is App security. There are chances of the higher risk of malware or insecurity for which the user spends extra to be highly extensible and customizable in Android.


If bug fixing is discussed Android slows the app performance significantly while on a debug mode similarly iOS doesn’t have any actual impact.

Testing and Publishing:

The testing and publishing process in both the operating systems helps in finding out a lot of bugs for fixing. Usually, Apple limits you to many registered test devices, each year, which needs to be correctly. On the other side android testing and publishing is as simple as ABC, which is like posting a link to the Android Application Package, which can be downloaded to their devices.

Android or IOS App Development – Which One to Choose for Your Business

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